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Nuno Mendes

Chef Nuno Mendes

He is the Creative Director of BAHR, a challenge he accepted without hesitation: he believed in the project and also in the team he would build. Although born and raised in Lisbon, his fate wanted him to settle down in London. He now has the opportunity to return to his origins, to his Lisbon that never changes, to his bohemian Bairro Alto where he spent much of his adolescence and youth in the ‘80s. 
He proudly talks about the strong ties he always had with his father and his 
maternal grandmother; it was by watching them cooking that he soon realized his passion for this art. He had a record label and a studio in the garage, but he confesses that "the music was the only thing that fascinated me almost as much as the cookery, but it was not my passion”. In fact, were the meals with his father in the Lisbon’s ethnic restaurants of the 80’s, the seafood he ate with him at the beach, the products he saw being made on the farm in Alentejo and, of course, the passion for the cookery that his father and his grandmother have instilled in him that determined his professional path.  
The Team

The Team

He has surrounded himself by people he trusts but, above all, by a young team that works passionately for the cookery, for the city and for the project itself. The Bairro Alto Hotel Restaurant team has a strong resourcefulness and a unique way of being, and they all have the same expectations and a similar project vision. What characterizes this group is the comradeship and goodwill spirit, the mutual help, the dialogue, the motivation, the willpower to improve every single day and the enthusiasm for working with Portuguese products. Representing what is Portuguese gives them an enormous pride.


Chef Bruno Rocha returns to BAH to coordinate the kitchen of the several catering spaces, with the know-how acquired in a career of almost 20 years. Joining him, Sous-Chef Nuno Dinis, with his international experience and his creative spirit, will collaborate in the elaboration of a contemporary Portuguese cuisine with traditional foundations. Maria Ramos is the youngest, but already has experience in the market. Her passion for pastry and the thirst for knowledge will be the cherry on top of this cake… as it is supposed to be since she is the Pastry Chef!
«The kitchen should be like a family. It’s important to give people space so they can show their professionalism, but also their personal side. If the routine is trivial, the desire to give more to the team is lost.»